Thursday, December 27, 2012

New Year & the Sustainability I Seek

Looking back on 2012, it’s been a great year of adventures featuring local vendors in the Bay Area, with a few recipes thrown in for good measure. Thanks for your time and attention in reading my blog! As the New Year approaches quickly, bringing us hope that life will continue in a grand manner, we must also prepare for an uncertain future. I will be taking a new focus to my blog, one that supports a more sustainable lifestyle. I want to be the living example that I continuously write about. I will be steering my life towards creating a backyard homestead. In 2013, I will be raising chickens, growing more of the food I put on the table, making more preserves, smoking meats, drying fruit, and hopefully using the natural resources of the planet, like collecting rain water. This ‘new’ direction has been germinating slowly with each new book I read on sustainability, each new farmer I interview, each new vendor I feature. I will post my experiences of this backyard homesteading lifestyle, and hope to throw in a post or two on Sonoma & Napa County organic wine making too! We must support each other on this journey to manifesting sustainable lifestyles, ones more in balance with nature, more conscientious of our impact on our resources, and finally one that brings hope to the future generations. Happy New Year 2013, Be well and may all blessings be yours and ours.

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