Sunday, January 30, 2011

Farmers Market Episode 7

Interview with OctoberFeast Bakery at the Grand Lake Farmers Market! 

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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Foodie Manifesto ~ Never Too Late

After finishing my graduate degree at John F. Kennedy University in psychology, and practicing for a few years in the community, I fell into an emotional slump. I was reading and watching many films about the demise of our planet, and was seriously passing through Eco-Anxiety. The most productive phase of this Anxiety Disorder is when you become an active spearhead to bring awareness to the community. I quit my job and began doing my Foodie Out Of The Closet blog, incorporating all my love for cooking, food, farming, and planet awareness. I set out one morning to interview the local vendors at my farmers market, in Oakland, California. In doing so, I realized the joy of talking to people who supplied delicious organic produce and the benefits of having relationships with these food suppliers. Reading “Deep Economy: The Wealth of Communities and Durable Future" by Bill McKibben, reaffirmed that I was right on track with my strong beliefs. Returning to local and sustainable economies, in turn providing nutritious foods, would also improve the health of our planet, by decreasing the use fossil fuels in our agricultural system. Perhaps, global climate change could not be reversed but a new paradigm of what was possible for everyday consumers could be sprouted. Consumers do not have to be strapped to large agricultural business that provides low quality food - individuals have better choices. Higher levels of satisfaction in life are possible with a few changes. Join me, in the second year of farmer interviews, cooking recipes, and plain food talk. My slogan lives on: Buy Local, Eat Organic, Save the Planet! 

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Farmers Market Podcast ~January

This year, I've made a podcast of my interview at the farmers Market. After listening to my chat with Drew from Happy Boy Farms, check out the Winter Lunch recipe!

Happy Boy Farm Interview 1.15.2011 by Tarabud

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Winter lunch, thanks to Happy Boy Farms and Drew's wonderful Watermelon Radish recipe. 
I roasted them with olive olive oil a sprinkle of garlic powder and covered them with Parmesan cheese. They turned out perfectly as you can see. 
Also, below I baked the butter nut squash. Boiled the carrots in chicken broth to soften, then served them over the salad with some garlic and herb butter.

Buy Local, Eat Organic, Save the Planet!