Friday, November 11, 2011

My Veteran Will Eat Anything

In honor of Veterans Day, not to mention 11-11-11 binary amazement, and all the changing tides in the American people awakening to things such as guerrilla gardening, I want to mention how amazing my man is!
He has multiple talents and the compassion of a saint, but most of all, he eats whatever I put in front of him, no matter how experimental. What a joy for me!  He will put up with crispy rice, too salty of a salsa, overcooked meats, all because I am usually doing three projects at once in the house. He has been supportive of my experimenting in gardening, worm composting, and herb gardening in the window.  He suggested I make sauce out of my undesirable first tomatoes ~ great idea hon! How can I complain. He is an Iraq War Veteran and I guess this might play a little into him being grateful for the little things in life, like unmelted chocolate, a hot shower, and a good strong Knob Creek & Coke with ice. Most of all I am glad he is with me to see another bright day, unharmed physically, but touched spiritually by all he has seen and done. Back to the kitchen, something smells burning on the stove!

82nd Airborne Veteran

Paratroopers~ 82nd Airborne Mass Jump


  1. Awe... thanks for the hilariously accurate recognition, sweetie. Experiment away!!!

  2. wonderful tribute!