Saturday, February 12, 2011

Cream of Salmon & Egg Pasta

Hello my lovelies,

The sweetest time of year is upon us, but I wonder why we reserve the softening of our hearts to one night? No reason why we cannot show our warmth, our loving, nurturing side as couples, lovers, even to ourselves regularly. We work hard, we struggle, we deserve to make special meals more regularly! This takes some thought, perhaps some attitude, and some risk that it will be received or reciprocated. Loving ourselves or others is risky business absolutely!

Take it one step at a time. First, just as a writer does, think about the setting you want. A kitchen table or a coffee table can be easily transformed into a ritual of giving with the warm glow of candles (dilating the pupils to help in awaking other senses), tall ones or tea lights will do the trick. Adding a tablecloth or place mats can add color and create a new setting quickly. Fresh plants blooming or cut flowers add to the sense of aliveness and beauty. Stones or crystals can add reflection and sparkle to your table, perhaps even a feeling of timelessness. Music of whatever genre that lifts the spirits also improves our mood.

Now for the foods that create feelings of transcendence. Foods that are aphrodisiac are the most popular for this meal. Aphrodisiacs were seen as remedy for various sexual anxieties including fears of inadequate performance as well as a need to increase fertility. Sea food, chocolate, truffles, herbs, and wine, to name a few, can take one from ecstasy to relaxation mixed with feelings of well being. These foods in moderation can bring an opening and melting of our defenses so that we may be more receptive to what was already there ~LOVE. 

I share this fairly easy recipe that always has me swooning and will certainly have your significant other swooning also! This Cream of Salmon & Egg Pasta goes perfectly with white wine or even better sparkling wine (Gloria Ferrer Rose Brut). Best choice is the Wild-Caught Alaskan Sockeye, according to the SeaFood WatchIf you are lucky you will find these festive Valentine's Jordan Almonds.

1 pound of fresh egg pasta (Tagliatelle preferred)
1 steak of salmon (.65 of pound average)
1 pound of tomatoes
1 tablespoon of butter
1 cup of half & half
2 garlic cloves
1/4 cup of fresh dill
1/4 cup of fresh Italian parsley
1/2 cup of white wine
1 teaspoon of salt
1 pinch of brown sugar

First in a cooking pot boil water for pasta. Fresh pasta cooks in 60-90 seconds, so do not add pasta to boiling water until after the sauce has been made and the heat is off. This all happens very quickly!

Cream Salmon Sauce:
Fill a sauce pan with water and turn off when water comes to a boil. Place tomatoes in hot water. Watch them and remove all tomatoes to a plate when skins are cracked or beginning to separate. Very carefully peal skins off. Cut tomatoes into small cubes. Place cubed tomatoes in another sauce pan. Add butter to tomatoes and simmer at low heat. Now add chopped herbs, pressed garlic, sugar, wine, and lastly the half & half. Stir this mixture constantly, heat should remain on low. Once it has mixed well, you can add salmon pieces that have been cubed and skinned. Salmon should be in sauce no more than 10 minutes and turn off heat. Taste and make sure salt is correct.

Now begin to cook pasta. Once pasta is cooked, drain pasta and add the pasta to sauce. Mix pasta so that it is covered with sauce. Serve onto plate immediately. I like to sprinkle a tiny bit of grated Parmesan cheese, and tonight I served with miner lettuce salad, which I just foraged from the East Bay hills. :) Any freshly mixed greens will add a light touch to the meal. This recipe makes four servings.

Happy Sweet Valentine's Day Friends! 

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